Ah, yes, the music.


Beltaine’s long had a soft spot in my heart for world folk/celtic music. Would you believe it that they’re actually a Polish group? I really presumed somewhere a bit more West of Germany, but there you go – it’s a risk to assume most anything, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about other stuff… but to be honest there’s not much.

Like, really.

I’m not kidding around this time, reader. You could step back and look at the April update, and it would be essentially the same stuff. I’ve just been working really quite hard on the previous things, and that hasn’t changed whatsoever.

So uh… Here:

In interest to providing a little bit of upfront, however; I will give you a heavily adjudicated list:

Certain Vengeance – Going great. Rough draft is almost done. I may have to push release back a month to sharpen it up, but I can’t make that call yet. As usual I won’t release it until it’s ready

Secret Project – Planned and more or less started, but I won’t be going full-in for it until Soot Knight is good and done

Newsletter craziness – Ongoing and becoming more wonderful by the week – Look forward to some unexpected and pretty awesome things

Do expect some more news next month.

Much love,


3. Kell spills coffee wonderfully and entirely on himself. Please be careful where you step.

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