Freedom, a lot of Food, and WASP ATTACKS NO NO NO NONONONO (July ’22 update)

Merry July 4th to all my especially free friends, and to everyone else: hope you had a good Monday.

We’ve got a bit of good stuff for you today, including a rare and elusive author spotlight!

Let’s start off with some of the most American music there is.

I am talking, of course, about




Yes, yes, you’re quite welcome.

We’re seeing a bit of a resurgence in the “Virtual” wave of music, with artists releasing pleasantly novel pieces like this weekly.

Honestly it just reminds me of a shopping mall from the 80’s, maybe one with a Rainforest Cafe or something – I’m partial to it.

Now then, I’m sure while you really came here for my latest and greatest music selection, there is some boring “other news” that I also have to notify you of:


Yes, the rare and noble Kell Inkston author spotlight, where I briefly tell you about a modern indie author I like, and tell you to check out their books.

As you might know, this is the rare, usually once-a-year occurrence where I’ll actually talk about someone other than myself, and of course the criteria for peeling back my arrogant narcissism for the short moment to do so is:

  1. They have to write books that I think you’d (or at least my general readership) would enjoy
  2. They have to write books that I enjoy

Quite simple, no?

Anyway, this fine author is the talented Stuart Thaman: author of a good bundle of fine fantasy novels, as well as the quite-excellent Goblin Wars Trilogy. The scope of his books tend along the epic, high-concept sort of fantasy that sees powerful characters overcoming huge swaths of tribulation and combat to save (or at times endanger) the world.

Be expecting big fighty fights, because the fighties will be fought constantly – they’re all pretty fast paced.

I’d say my favorite things about his books is the complexity of the characters. That’s not to say you should go in expecting everyone to be totally crazy and have hidden motives, but I am saying that the protagonists all have more than enough going on under their hoods for you to be satisfied, at least for me.

His free offering to you, noble reader, is the book one of his cool lit RPG (game-inspired genre fiction): Book one of his series KILLSTREAK:

He’s a fine chap, too: one of the best editors I’ve ever met, and a successful lawyer as his day-trade to boot.

With those shiny lights shone in your face, it’s time for the other big thing of the day:

Certain Vengeance is out NEXT MONTH!

Like, yeah – really.

Nope, no issues this time: it’s actually going to be out, and it’s going to be outstanding.

Now is the time to preorder for that sweet sweet 80% off, as a thank you from me to you for being such a loyal reader. Click here to get your copy before anyone else.

It’s surreal, almost having this one finished. It usually takes me just maybe half a year to finish a novel… not like, over a whole year!

(Don’t chase me down, Nocturna League fans: I promise you will get Season 3.)

I hope you’re even 1% as excited for this one as I am, because that would still put you at roughly the “insanely excited” range.

I guess good things really do come to those who wait. I’m more than a little proud of this one.

The Next Big Thing: Not really a big thing but it is a novel!

Now you may be wondering what this “side book” business has been all about.

You may remember back in April when I ran a Facebook Group poll asking readers what they would like for the side book to be as I stretch out every now and again between series or parts between arcs. You wonderful folks responded, and you’re going to get what you asked for.

However, I’m warning you, despite voting on the genre and specific dynamics of the book, the thing that’s cooking in the oven is going to be wildly different than anything that’s on the market… and yet so similar.

I’m quite looking forward to giving you guys this one… I suppose I’m just sort of afraid of revealing it too early – it’s quite a strange one: I’ve never made romance (or at least the appearance of potential romance) a primary theme in a book, so I’m really nervous to see how people will receive it.

Ah, who am I kidding, people are going to think it’s insanely stupid… well, until they read it, I’d bet.

Before I show you the cover, I’d like to show you the title, which is none other than

Halloween Knight.

Yes reader, it is holiday themed.

Yes random person on Twitter that will shoot me an angry PM like he does every time I mention a new book, (you know who you are) it is themed primarily around Western-centric holidays and that’s because most of my readership is based in that part of the world, so take that.

Yes everyone, it will be an extremely weird idea for a book.

Yes, yes yes. I must, I will, I positively am going to write and publish it.

Hope you’re ready to get spooked on… uh, or whatever it is that the cool kids are saying these days – it’s going to be an absolutely wild ride.

Parting words:

Take care of yourself, reader. It’s almost insane how closely I’ve grown to this imaginary person that somehow reads all these emails that I’ve sent for all these years, but maybe it is insane – at least a little. Maybe being slightly insane makes art better? Who knows. I’m okay with it. Bring on the future.

Until next time!

Onward and Inkward,

Kell Inkston

5. Kell advises that you protect your inner peace by disregarding the inane and mentally impoverished ramblings of local do-gooders: They do not understand what it means to be a true artist, especially if they’re your authority figures.

(P.S. Don’t actually ignore annoying people: they’re probably the ones that are developing you the most – like how random twitter guy tries to help me by giving me unsolicited advice on what I’m allowed to write hahaha)

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