Over-Caffeinated and Full of Hope, The Analyst Fights Forward into the Burning Horizon of the Hottest Month of the Year (The August 2023 Update)



Wow, it is so good to see you. This past month has felt like I’ve been clawing my way up a thorn-covered hill with only a machete to my name, the pointers hot on my heels with the authorities right behind them.

Yet here we are, galactic and unbothered, a bit weary but we have music.

Right, music!


Wouldn’t you be pleased to know that bossa nova has been making a steady comeback in the new age of the internet – cafe music in general seems to be finding new appreciators from all directions. I’m rather partial to the development.

Now, onto the other recent developments – oh, and it’s a biggun!

Out August 19th – Soot Knight Book Three: Certain Vengeance

Alright, guys, bring it in:

Man oh man, am I glad to see you two!

How long’s it been…

*checks notes*


Goodness gracious! It’s taken me that long to release another book? I’ve got to keep up the pace and not fall behind – there’s lots more to come out before we’re good and done!

This month’s offering is the outstanding and excellent final book of Soot Knight, the first series in The Rondian Legacy arc of books, which deals with most of the big-name legends, myths, and religious figures surrounding the later books. Certain Vengeance is certainly one of the most difficult books I’ve had to write, but it’s been one of those good, full-breathed experiences that leaves the muscles tired and filled with knowledge. This is one of the books that’s taught me the most about writing fiction in general, I’d say – probably up there alongside Kingdom Slayer and The Scar.

Finally, a rogue chemist and his sassy fairy GF bust through the highest echelons of society and power to find… oh no….

It’s a good bit of revelation in this one, so be excited – like very excited.

It’s out on the 19th of this month, so it’s only days away!

You can preorder it for 80% off until the 19th, in which it will then go up to full price probably forever – so don’t miss out!

If you’d like to catch up on the adventure and figure out just why in the world Mort and Effie are capable of such unfathomable destruction in book three, I would gently prod you in the direction of the series page, of which you can locate here.

This is one of those high-point books where I get to simply stand around a bit and appreciate the warmth of completion. I feel like I still have a lot to learn when it comes to creating impactful stories, but I can feel that I climb the rungs of mastery with each new project, and that’s deeply encouraging.

The Next Project: …?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m already working on the next thing: Halloween Knight.

If the majority of books take place in the Holyverse… perhaps these side-books should have their own name, because in a special way they’re also connected with each other.

Maybe the Extraverse? Has that been coined by anyone?

I’m not so sure, it’s not super important.

The project is already well on its way (may end up way bigger than I thought) and I’m aiming for… well, probably a release next year, because this probably won’t be done by Halloween. Granted, it’s a book about all of the really big holidays on my side of the world, with only passing, almost insultingly-brief mention of others.

Looking at you, guy from Twitter – you did this.

Imagine: as your children rest in your lap by the fireside, and they ask:

“Daddy, why does Kell Inkston’s Halloween Knight not have any holiday spirits representing our vague European folk religion?”

Without a valid response that preserves your dignity, you’ll simply look at the camera while the 80’s sitcom laugh-track plays at your obvious expense, triggering uproarious applause as the director’s name pops up on screen directly over your face like an embarrassing mustache.

Just kidding, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, not even you.

Anyway, Twitter Guy aside, I’d like to ask everyone about their preference for the next project.

We have a few choices here…

Let me know what you think – give me your answer and I’ll happily tally your vote.


Uh… that’s it.

What are you sticking around for? Did you think I’d have something else?

Haha, just kidding.

Enjoy this expertly painted work of artistic excellence.

Love you lots,


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