Dreamlend is the most secretive among the four “Upper Realm” Kingdoms of The Mountain, and owns quite the role: the inspiration and delineation of knowledge through dreams, to those both waking and sleeping.

The Witnesser at Somnae – art by Midjourney

The realm of Dreamland is the smallest of the four kingdoms, consisting only of a few kilometers of brightwood, surrounding the kingdom’s one significant landmark and capitol: Somnae Keep. Somnae is considered by most to be the largest structure in the upper realms, and likely the largest structure ever created. This mountainous castle towers above the land at roughly seven kilometers high, though due to its dream-like quality, this measurement has a tendency to fluctuate significantly.

A structure of this size could be expected to hold tens of thousands of souls within its walls, and yet in the modern age it is known to hold only two people: Dreamlend’s Queen: Clouu (Clah-uu), and the last surviving in its order of knights: Xylgatyl (Zill-gat-ul).

It is said that even before the time of the analysts of Inklend, there was a great battle between Dreamlend and some unknown force. The entirety of the kingdom deployed to destroy their enemy, leaving behind only then-Princess Clouu, and the youngest knight to serve as her retainer, Xylgatyl.

The results of the great battle was uncertain, but whatever happened, the gates of Somnae has opened only a single time between today and that grand battle.

It’s assumed among us Upper Realm society that the two of them are still alive in that keep somewhere, and surely someone must be up in there, considering sentient creatures are still having dreams.

While we’re on this, let’s explain a bit of that whole “delineation of knowledge”, shall we?

Unknown Dreamlender – art by Midjourney

Dreamlend, as the Upper Realm kingdom presiding over inspiration and dreams, is also as a result the realm that oversees the various forms of technological and cultural advancement across the Verses.

While this may sound simple in theory: sprinkle some magical dreamlender dust here and there from the throne of Somnae and connect the dots for a scientist in some far-off lower realm so they can understand nitrate fertilizer – grand stuff for certain, but the implications are quite a bit greater when one takes into account the full breadth of the kingdom’s powers.

The original holder of The Mountain-Blessed Throne of The Dreamer, High King Lorest, held a significantly-different view of lower societies than his daughter. He believed in keeping groups of sentients unique and thus distinct, allowing them to create new inspirations. Clouu, on the other hand, believed that there was a grand threat mounting over the horizon, and so she picked the language of the most magically-advanced society in the lower realms at the time: Lati, and planted the seeds of their language: Latin, across all the realms.

Steadily, the concepts of language and culture from the building blocks of Latin aided societies in developing common tongues, and after some millennia, many of those realms connected by Starlendic space gates shared the language as the “interdimensional standard”. Make no mistake, she has irreparably changed the course of history in doing this. She appears to be leading sentient life toward a singular purpose of some kind – as to what, I cannot comment on.

As Clouu is presumably busy inspiring the lower universes, Xylgatyl stands guard, immersed in the endless flow of knowledge channeling from the throne and out into the realms.

Now, this is just me, but there seems to be something a little wrong with it all. For what reason are they closed up? I mean, I’m no expert, but if you wanted something to “flow” freely, I would imagine that those huge doors are blocking the current somewhat, don’t you?

It’s a mystery that remains, and one that Rondi herself in particular took great umbrage to this realization.

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