The Great Northern Kingdom of The Mountain: Starlend oversees all material forms, their constituent parts, and the processes and laws that govern their operation.

The Installation of The Materials – Art by Midjourney

Starlend is the Upper Realm Kingdom that governs everything we use, wear, stand on, breathe, think with, etc etc etc.

They are in charge of all matter across all universes.

Their Queen, Em the Immaculate, is not only one of the most physically-powerful beings across the Holy Verses, but definitely one of the most striking to behold, though considering what she is, that’s not difficult to believe.

As matter can be composed with any traits whatsoever, even gas can have sentience and a soul, and as it is, that certainly seems to be the case with the denizens of this literally celestial land.

Being a living stellar body like her fellow Starlendians, Em is composed of a singular intelligence emitting elemental mass, this can be a simple element, like carbon, or something more complex, like a supernova, nebula, or a radioactive element.

In Em’s case, she’s an entire star-cluster’s worth of energy jammed into a single package, and that tends to make her very, very, very bright.

Wear sunglasses.

The emissaries of Starlend “install” their mass across the World of the Pools by regularly sweeping across it and selectively seeding appropriate amounts of themselves into it.

There are huge numbers of emissaries controlling the more rudimentary elements, but the higher up the hierarchy we get, the more defined and rare the findings can become, there are even those, like Em, who can fundamentally restructure the abilities of elements – and she’s done it before.

While it is considered deeply problematic by Mountain Society Terms, Starlenders have been known to mettle in the affairs of the Lower Realms many a time. What began as simple “hints” using stellar phenomena ( “Hey, look at that shooting star!” ) eventually became intercession on the levels of Breathlend, which has stretched the rules more than a couple of times.

There are many occurrences of this, but the most noted would be the bestowing of Monument upon the to-be Knight Order, urging her to take the battle against Chaos, who Starlend’s emissaries see to largely be the greatest threat to The Verses due to his uh… well, let’s not get into that just yet. Just like Oidhche, Chaos appears to have some unknown trait that these sentient celestial bodies find particularly perturbing, though what it is remains to be seen.

…Could there be something that they know about Ether-creatures that we do not? The plot thickens with each new discovery!

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