Well, howdee there, partner! I certainly hope you’ve been keeping warm with everything that’s been going on. It seems like one person’s losing power here, and another’s seeing their electricity bill skyrocket over there – it’s quite a lot to keep on top of!

Now, let’s set it up for a proper Wintery Mood:


I hope you’re having a good day today.

Things don’t always work as planned, but in them we find the reason to continue fighting on, to continue living, and finding that the little things might have been the big, important things all along.

Keep trying hard and doing a little bit each day; you’ll get back what you put in by the end of it.

Wow, what a shift in tone.

Sorry, it’s just that kind of mood around this time of year for me. I like Winter – it’s usually one of my slightly more preferred seasons, but after a while the snowy enjoyment grows into a longing for Spring, when everything becomes fun and bright again.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for reading, and hope you’re looking forward to the new stuff.

The Unfortunate Truth

I don’t really have much to share at all as far as writing’s going. Granted, I have been writing and editing a good deal, leading up to Xtreme Force’s first launch with BDP, but since all of it is protected under an NDA, all I can really say is that I’m working on it and am looking into cool new things to entertain you all with.

If I can’t increase my writing speed by… well, a lot, and create some extra things to share with you, then I may have to consider doing less monthly updates.

It would be a shame, but I think it would simply have to be done if I cannot get my other ducks in a row, because at the moment Ducksworth is getting up every five seconds, Carl’s making a run for it every time my back’s turned, and CARLOS won’t stop moving ONE CENTIMETER out of the row, which effectively makes the row completely useless.

Come ON, Carlos!

Featured art of the Month:

This month’s featured art is by the talented and very cool HeyAlvaHey:

Totally brilliant – Looks like Chaos and Scout got their fill of relics, all while staying relaxed and dangerous all at once.

If you’d like to submit art to be featured on the website or newsletter, feel free to send your masterpieces and stick figures over to

Farewell for now

This was a quick one, wasn’t it? I’ll consider waiting a while to get more to give you next time… we may have to finally break the monthly email update tradition to a… sexannual (that means six times a year, you perv) email?

May your enjoyments be grand, and your mystery grander.

Until next time,


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