The Ides of March (Kelly Inkerino Emaileroni MAR 23) – “Salve guys what’s goin on who’s ready to talk about some matters of state and empi-”


And that’s why they called it the Holey Roman Empire!


Lectori Salutem and Merry Spring everyone. Hope you’re all gunning for some nicer weather up around the Northern Hemisphere.

Let’s ring in the email of the month with some fine Roman music:

Hopefully you didn’t get stabbed to death by your personal Senate and you’re ready to enjoy some gainful and enticing updates!

Xtreme Force – Trailer, Preorder, and yes, it’s almost time!!

Oh yeah, it’s almost that time, and it’s my priciest book yet, because publishers need to get that bread(?!)

Releasing March 28th. This month my first-ever fully published novel will be out, The Fountain of Testosterone! Truly, this is a landmark month for me – too long have I hidden in the dark recesses of amazon’s hyper niche multi-dimensional, multi-genre fantasy with goofy overlords playing pranks on uptight knights market! Now I’ll be leaping the gap into the wild world of the equally hyper niche world of multi-dimensional, multi-genre fantasy with goofy overlords playing pranks on uptight knights on the international book market! That’s right! Overlord shenanigans everywhere fine books are sold!

Grab it at

Check out the series trailer here:

This wild fantasy satire’s got blood, guts, tons of immature humor, and just maybe something else you could find of value.

Preorder today and get a good, lung-destroying whiff of that… ugh, that stench!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the 28th. As always, thanks for your patronage!

Featured Art of the Month – By Shiroasa

Reflection – Emergence v.1

So, here’s something that’s been on my heart for a good-long while.

I’ve been requested to go to conventions by a few readers over the years, and I’ve always had to turn them down. It’s an unfortunate reality as an anonymous author that I don’t show up for that kind of thing. Most such authors live behind their pseudonym and have to show up to events celebrating them as just another face in the crowd.

Won’t you believe it, I’ve planned to do something different.

Kell Inkston is not only me as an author, and a key supporting character in The Holy Verses, but Kell Inkston is also an entity capable of manifesting its presence upon our waking world.

That said, I had developed an extremely simple “Kell V.1” to test the feel of going into the public space. I detailed it to my selected designer, and they went to work.

The original production was simple foam, fabric, and buckles, and while loved by some for its cuteness(?) does not fulfill my requirements for an actual public appearance.

The thing is, I’m committed to more. Sometimes if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Steadily and faithfully I’ll carve out a new version, with new materials and capabilities. I shall forge a likeness for myself that will be almost indistinguishable from the character. With enough effort, we can make our dreams reality.

No pictures this time, but just take my word for it that this is something I’m actively working on.

Be excited – for we live in exciting times!

Bless you and have a grand day – hope your days are as filled with excitement as mine are.

All the best,

Kell Inkston

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