Apreal recgonizes Apreal – The Kell Inkston April 2023 Update

Crew, Inksters, compatriots and fellow-schemers,

We have some fat updates blooming out here just in time for the bees to…

-wait, bees wait, wait wait wait wait WAIIIIT-




Haha just kidding.

I love bees, and Spring.

Here’s some bee and Spring music:

The Big News – The Fountain of Testosterone flows again

That’s right.

After years of being out of print, Xtreme Force is back and better than ever. Revamped, reslapped, resnapped and remapped – this is book one of a big ol’ series aiming to outline Subspace (you know, the unofficial, off-brand, “dimension we have at home” realms that Order, Ywn, and other reasonable types tend not to hang out in for very long,) in glorious, gory fashion.

Published by Dutch startup Butterdragons Publishing, this new and improved version includes ebooks anywhere on the internet, print editions, and even audiobooks!

This is probably my first “officially” 16+ book… okay, maybe Mystic Vengeance owns that title: the “camp scene got me a few emails. There’s lots more violence, lots more nasty words, and subject matter that many people (including some adults, if we can even call them that by this point) might find too much to handle.

If that’s your outlook on it, then uh… too bad! This one’s going to be a genuine introspection of a lot of social ills affecting society, and I’ve decided to tell it in a way that’s rigid, dense, and forceful, like a fist.

As always, thank you so much for your patronage and support. Your financial help is always deeply appreciated, but never necessary – the great work will be finished no matter what.

That said, you can order here at https://books2read.com/BDP-The-Fountain-of-Testosterone and pick the storefront of your choice. Enjoy!

What’s more, you can look forward to a new book in the series coming sooner than you think. Prepare for glory, it’s coming your way.

New Character page: Sal

Rondi’s shortest and most spirited knight now has his long overdue lore page. Check it out at: https://kellinkston.com/2023/04/09/salavaine/.

Ain’t he just the freshest?!

Featured Art of the Month: Mei on Pixiv

Have to admire your style, Mei. Thanks for drawing and bringing life to the characters!

Huge schemes on the horizon: more books, audio, and… an appearance?

Tell me, what does Kell Inkston look like in person?

The answer will change over the years, but we’re making headway in designing the V.2. Expect to see more Kell type stuff before too long.

Besides that, I’ve got a whole bushel of projects I’ll be working on in the months to come. Expect to see much more content coming out over the next year than the past two. No promises as to the speed, but a lot of cool things are in the works behind the curtains. Looking forward to telling you more about them.

Goodbye for now

Stay crafty, beloved reader, you do your best to enjoy your day to day activities and do good things for your society.

Until next time,

Kell Inkston

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