It is now May – May Temporal Observation and Author Update Current as of 15MAY2023

It is now May.


Hope everyone’s keeping clear headed and unbothered by end-of-Spring silliness. The hot days are right around the corner and they’ve been leaving me foreboding phone calls.

Thankfully for me I keep my home protection methods close at hand. If Summer does try to sneak on me with their swim trunks and grill-outs, I’ll respond in kind with a sun hat and watermelon – see how two can play at this game!

Anyway, Music!

Japanese “Soft Rock” musician Eve owns an airy, experimental sound that would be behoove your ears for an extended listen. Headphones recommended.

Xbook 2 – Ribbons and Bows and Guts

Xtreme Force’s thrilling second entry, The Island of Dooming Death (or something like that) is nearing its completion. Swelling at over 100,000 words this chapter in the series is sure to be the craziest and grossest and sick-nastiest yet.

As I’m crossing the finish line on this project, I have to admit how surprising it is to be looking at it as a whole – this will probably be one of my most divisive works yet. I’m spending so much time opening separate cans of worms in this one that I feel like it almost gets in the ways of the characters being themselves and doing their best. I believe I went with the right choice on this one, however, simply due to the amount of “unpacking time” later books in the series will have. I know this is going to be one of those “hit or miss” series for most of my readers, simply because of how crude and crazy the characters can be in the primary group, but believe it or not they’re an important part of the overarching plot to the books as a whole, so they do need to have their story told after some time.

Sorry in advance to those who aren’t up the journey – “regular” Kell Inkston books will follow shortly in sequence.

Jokes aside, I think you’ll like it, but on the other hand it is about a bunch of Subspace Mercenaries tracking down an island that no one’s returned from ever. We’ll see how it works out for them – updates to follow next month.

Secret Cool Dude Project for Cool Secret Kid Dudes

The project, (for those of you who are very close to me in my online circles, you probably already know what it’s going to be) in coordination with my cool new publisher: Gestaltzerfall, is going by the tentative title Project Deliverance.
Project Deliverance will feature a lot of characters from The Holy Verses, but in a super duper cool new medium of storytelling!

Get a load of Delivery Minion for this one:

Ain’t he just the handsomest you’ve seen him? Big thanks to Mei (that artist showcased last month) for taking on the task of bringing new life to these fine folks.

Anyway, look forward to a lot more of this in the months to come. As always stay tuned to the newsletter for updates.

Art of the Month: “Pie Perusal” by Nozk3ll

Further proof that NO pie is safe from the High Overlord’s dominion. Just look at Raid Minion egging him on.

Your FAVORITE Holyverse Book?

I leave you with a question. Out of everything you’ve read by me so far, which is your favorite, and why? I’m asking for research purposes, promise. I won’t disclose your book-preference data to huge corperations.

Until next time,


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