Author Spotlight – Kell Inkston

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Kell Inkston is the author of Nocturna League series, Voidstar Empire series, and most recently Courts Divided series, all set in the Omniverse he created; as well as Breath series, which are short stories in a different setting (link to the author’s website). The reading list of Kell Inkston’s complete works are at the bottom of this page, in a reading order, together with covers and Amazon purchase links.

This author is one of my most recent, and one of my proudest literary discoveries. I fell in love with his Nocturna League series and since then have read almost all of his published works. Kell Inkston’s writing style is quite unconventional, giving each of the characters a unique voice and a three-dimensional appearance. Apart from being perfectly consistent in his story lines, world building and character development, he possesses a beautiful expression and satirical inclination, as well. The author…

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Kingsday – A Short Story

1 - The Knights   Tis on the night before Kingsday, And all throughout the court, Is a miraculous silence, The contemplative sort. Tis in a warm office, And further then a chair, That the Royal Knight Ranalie Sits quietly to stare. She had pranced and paraded, Drank lots and celebrated, All this on this … Continue reading Kingsday – A Short Story