The November 2018 Update!

Good day my friends and constituents, I've been working at a significant pace this month, though definitely not as fast as I'd like. Analytics is busy work, so my job at S.E.E.R. has been keeping me pretty on-call for the month, which reasonably would result in fewer words per day. Here's how the most "in-radar" … Continue reading The November 2018 Update!


All Hell-Ows! Eve: Part Five -Final-

V: Utter, Absolute Horror Order cancels her cloaking spell once they’re inside. It’s not like she’ll have to deal with the line anymore. “Chief, that was murder!” Justice exclaims with a cross tone. “Minions don’t deserve anything else.” “Wh-” his face pales. “That was a minion?!” She doesn’t say anything in response to that, because … Continue reading All Hell-Ows! Eve: Part Five -Final-