This page is host to a fun batch of free and thrilling fiction for your perusal.

Below are links to each story, as well as its related series and content tags. Enjoy to your heart’s content!


The Courts Divided:

-A Sweet Mistake (Humor, mild language, bee attack, cute drug dog on premises)

-The Bug Pamphlet (Humor, mild language, violence, fighting game references)

-Kingsday (Humor, 2016 holiday themed, mild language, lovely warm beverages)

-All Hell-Ows! Eve (Humor, 2018 holiday themed, coarse language, violence, extreme shenanigans)

-This Year’s GREAT OUTING (Humor, 2019 holiday themed, coarse language, DEEP LORE, fun parties, agricultural economics)

-True Generosity (Quite inappropriate suggestive themes, naughty language, Order #unfiltered, ultra-cute sock minion)

-A Most Abyssal Day (Not so much humor, connected to books, violence, bug-obsession, mild language)



-The Inspector (Mystery, mild language, romantic feelings)

-Kill Bloodstain pt. 1 (80’s… 90’s?… a bunch of youths from an unknown time period deal with the avenger of good taste and sense in media. Foul language, satire, things that would offend your grandma, and blood)

-Kill Bloodstain pt. 2 (Meta humor, foul language, people in bathing suits dealing with sexual and/or romantic tension, despicable pop-culture references)