The Courts Divided:

-A Sweet Mistake (Humor, mild language, bee attack, cute drug dog on premises)

-The Bug Pamphlet (Humor, mild language, violence, fighting game references)

-The Killer Shopping Spree (Humor, mild language, embarrassing body pillows, Gas Minion going pretty fast)

-Kingsday (Comfy, 2016 holiday themed, mild language, lovely warm beverages)

-Kingsday Gifts (Comfy, 2019 holiday themed, mild language, the KINGSDAY TUNA)

-All Hell-Ows! Eve (Humor, 2018 holiday themed, coarse language, violence, extreme shenanigans)

-This Year’s GREAT OUTING (Humor, 2019 holiday themed, coarse language, DEEP LORE, fun parties, agricultural economics)

-True Generosity (Quite inappropriate suggestive themes, naughty language, Order #unfiltered, ultra-cute sock minion)

-Fan-tastic Fiction-eering (Horrible fiction analysis, pretentious artists, naughty language, Fanfiction Minion doing her best)

-A Most Abyssal Day (Not so much humor, connected to books, violence, bug-obsession, mild language)



-The Inspector (Mystery, mild language, romantic feelings)

Kill Bloodstain pt. 1 (80’s… 90’s?… a bunch of youths from an unknown time period deal with the avenger of good taste and sense in media. Foul language, satire, things that would offend your grandma, and blood) [Link temporarily broken. WordPress totally deleted the post along with the page when I removed it… live and learn.]

-Kill Bloodstain pt. 2 (Meta humor, foul language, people in bathing suits dealing with sexual and/or romantic tension, despicable pop-culture references)