Effie Lassifrey

Name: Effie Lassifrey Head Title: Part of "The Crater" Relevant Faction(s): Redglade (Starshone Stellar Estate Royalty) Race/State: Fairy/Unaltered Age: 23 Height: 13cm Weight: 0.4 kg Original series: Soot Knight Primary Magics and Abilities: Born under the exceptionally unlucky star Vasalgaar on a blind moon, Effie's innate magic could be most considerately described as "relaxed" in … Continue reading Effie Lassifrey

Knight Love

Name: Meeo Letlind Head Title: Knight Love Other titles: The Outsider, "One Step Ahead" Letlind, "The Fastest Shot in The Knights", The Heartless Saint, The Rift Knight, The Whimsical One Relevant Faction(s): The Royal Knights of The Old Kingdom of Reinen (Lord Knight Class)... but that isn't quite the whole story, is it? Race/State: Human/...Wait … Continue reading Knight Love