kellfull“Yo, where tha coffee at?” -Me upon, arriving at a party uninvited, May 16th 2011

Name’s Kell Inkston. I’m an analyst for S.E.E.R. and I’m usually really busy with my work, but I still find the time to write here and there. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

My life’s goal is to write a lot of books and get stupid rich off of royalti- I- uh, I mean save the world through the magic of the written word! I write primarily fantasy and sci-fi so I hope that’s what you’re into, because it’s definitely what’s for dinner.

I live with my anima double and psychological projections in Uptown Inklend, along with our two stupid dogs that are miraculously still alive somehow.

I write because I have a lot to say. That’s it to be honest; sorry if you were expecting a lot more or something.

I like birds, long walks on the beach, video games, beverages, foiling my dog’s latest attempt at accidentally killing themselves, and reading.

Hopefully you and I will get to know each other much better over the coming days. I’m a big fan of friendship, and own an unhealthy obsession with emails from readers. It’s my distinct desire to see you around often.


Check below to find my:

Amazon storefront

Facebook Page

Facebook Discussion Group


Email: kellr.inkston@gmail.com


Have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I read Nail and enjoyed it very much, great job. Thanks for offering books for free. I am an extremely cheap person lol. I had a question for you. Why did you call it Nail? It wasn’t anything like I was expecting from the cover. I guess it goes to show that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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    1. Hey! Super shocked my notifications didn’t ping for this.

      The intention of the story’s titles (ex. paper, nail, more shorts planned) were a reference to the medium that this “unknown evil” was twisting in each of the towns.

      In Nail, for instance, it was a practical medium like engineering that it used to oppress the population there, if that makes any sense.

      Super glad you liked it!


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