Name’s Kell Inkston. I’m an analyst for S.E.E.R. and I’m usually really busy with my work, but I still find the time to write here and there.

I could tell you about awards I’ve won or education I’ve received, but who really cares about that? Let’s talk about vision.

My life’s goal is to write some of the greatest books in our time. I’m committed to becoming the very best at what I do. I primarily write fantasy, sci-fi, and thriller so I hope that’s what you’re into, because it’s definitely what’s on the menu. My aim is to bring you a universe you can fall into: the joy of obsession with a world apart from our own, and give you something valuable to bring back with you. Too much fiction is written simply to be fiction, in my view, so I’m here to give you books with ideas, both practical and philosophical, that take a little longer to chew on. The books are not fine literature by any means, but I expect you’ll think they are from time to time when the characters really shine.

I live with my anima double and psychological projections in Uptown Inklend, along with our two stupid dogs that are miraculously still alive somehow. I’m psychologically-damaged in the healthiest, most success-oriented way possible, so I hope you’ll accept my various quirks like my perfectly reasonable and not overbearing love of coffee and gardening.

I also like long walks on the beach, video games, foiling my stupid dog’s latest attempt at accidentally killing themselves, and reading.

Hopefully you and I will get to know each other much better over the years to come.

Check below to find my:

Amazon storefront where you can buy the books

Facebook Page where you can be a fan

EVIL CULT where we can engage in SACRIFICES

Twitter where you can ask me stuff


Last but not least, my email is: kell@kellinkston.com. Send me questions anytime. I read all the emails I get from readers when I get the chance to sit down and go through them, so rest easy in the expectation that I will at least see your communique, be it one day or one week away -Thank you for your understanding

Now please: have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I read Nail and enjoyed it very much, great job. Thanks for offering books for free. I am an extremely cheap person lol. I had a question for you. Why did you call it Nail? It wasn’t anything like I was expecting from the cover. I guess it goes to show that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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    1. Hey! Super shocked my notifications didn’t ping for this.

      The intention of the story’s titles (ex. paper, nail, more shorts planned) were a reference to the medium that this “unknown evil” was twisting in each of the towns.

      In Nail, for instance, it was a practical medium like engineering that it used to oppress the population there, if that makes any sense.

      Super glad you liked it!


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