Kingsday – A Short Story

1 - The Knights   Tis on the night before Kingsday, And all throughout the court, Is a miraculous silence, The contemplative sort. Tis in a warm office, And further then a chair, That the Royal Knight Ranalie Sits quietly to stare. She had pranced and paraded, Drank lots and celebrated, All this on this … Continue reading Kingsday – A Short Story


The Bug Pamphlet – Short Story

(Note: A sort of backstory for Meeo and Ranalie's first meeting. Expect bad jokes, cool spells, and a really, really weird beetle. Genre is Fantasy / Humor. Please enjoy~)   The Bug Pamphlet Kell Inkston   Lord Knight Captain Order sets off from her home in Frau to the local space gate with a duteous trot. There … Continue reading The Bug Pamphlet – Short Story

Not even 10 days in – my NaNoWriMo surrender/reprojecting! ; ;

Good day to you. I understand this is a bit of a weird post considering the timing, but I have some good/bad news. I'm not actually ready to write Halloween Knight. I'll unpack my reasoning for you, as well as tell you what I will be writing (it's another one of my super old projects, but … Continue reading Not even 10 days in – my NaNoWriMo surrender/reprojecting! ; ;