A Sweet Mistake – A Short Story

A Sweet Mistake   I Life isn’t so bad for Flower Minion, on most days. She wakes up alongside the lazy rays of the Forest Tower’s sunshine as they beckon gentle birdsongs from about the three-colored wood. With a long stretch, the meter-high Minion of The Master of Unprecedented Cruelty takes up on her tiny … Continue reading A Sweet Mistake – A Short Story


An audiobook and sequel, whoa!

What's this? An audiobook? You positively bet your bagels, it is! Narrated by the fantastically-talented A.W. Dickson, this wonderful unabridged audiobook is filled with all the action and intrigue of the novel, now with a charming British-sounding accent and a really, really good voice for Cooking Minion. You can get it here! With that in … Continue reading An audiobook and sequel, whoa!

Author Spotlight – Kell Inkston

A nice interview with blogger Myriam!

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Kell Inkston is the author of Nocturna League series, Voidstar Empire series, and most recently Courts Divided series, all set in the Omniverse he created; as well as Breath series, which are short stories in a different setting (link to the author’s website). The reading list of Kell Inkston’s complete works are at the bottom of this page, in a reading order, together with covers and Amazon purchase links.

This author is one of my most recent, and one of my proudest literary discoveries. I fell in love with his Nocturna League series and since then have read almost all of his published works. Kell Inkston’s writing style is quite unconventional, giving each of the characters a unique voice and a three-dimensional appearance. Apart from being perfectly consistent in his story lines, world building and character development, he possesses a beautiful expression and satirical inclination, as well. The author…

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