Ki’dae Awaits – art by Midvalley

The amazon library is right here: Enjoy!

Read on below if you’re interested in the actual story around the books.

Yes, the books do take place in the same universe, and the events are related! It’s quite the grand conspiracy.

Do note that the list below contains mostly series, but also a few stand-alones – do not panic if you do not see a book you’re expecting: all shall be revealed with time. The name of the entire group of arcs and books together is referred to as The Holy Verses, or simply the Holyverse. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Allow me to help you along starting from the beginning to the end. You will find links to all available books below Mind you, while this is mostly a chronological list, the primary goal of this is to frame important events together in a way that makes the most sense. That said, they’re not technically all in order, but they’re pretty dang close. From the front to the back we have these (unofficial) titles:

Pre-Analyst Arc:

The Birth of the Pools, the First Histories, and The Creation of The Thinking Subordinates.

-Dreamlend and History (No Protagonist)

-Breathlend and Elements (No Protagonist)

-The Mountain – it’s underside (No Protagonistprobably)


Rondian Legacy Arc:

The development of the first civilizations, and a certain legendary order of knights.

-Soot Knight (Mort and Effie)

-The Azure Vigil (Arraine and Caitriona)

-The Verdant Banner (Salavaine)

-I N D ? G O (…Xingah?)

-The Golden Will (Rayda)

-The White Path (Ywn)

-Fist of the Crimson Theocracy (Ree)

-The Stygian (Oidhche)

-Clarity (Meav)

(The Gray Knight doesn’t get any books – HA!)

Which then culminates in:

-Rondi and the Ten Knights (Mainline for the time period)


The Old Knights Arc:

Then after that we have a big leap forward in time thousands of years to meet Chaos and Order’s folks in:

-Depths of Honor (Love and Law the First)

-The Courts Divided (Mainline for the time period)

The Scar (Law the Second and Umo)



The Fading Knights Arc:

Another millennia-long timeskip, leading us to The Captain and the rim of the Great Interspace War, which we’ll learn about in:

-Etherbound (???)

-The Pathetic Education of Oscar La’Coss (Oscar)

-Voidstar Empire (???)

-Substation 7 (Clare and Carrie)

-The Relic (Asagai and the gang)

-Nocturna League (The Captain and crew)

-Xtreme Force (A whole mess of embarrassing subspacers)

-Extraverse Conflict (Chaos, Order, The Captain, and plenty more)

-The Gun Knights of Ki’Dae (Piero and Vanda)

-The Worlds Divided (Mainline for the time period)


The “destruction” of the Eversea, the immense technological triumph of a certain Librarium, the shattering of an analyst, and the first tug upon the curtain drawstrings leads to:


The Post-Knights Arc:

-Dragonscythe Online (???)

-The Realms Divided (Mainline for the time period)

-The Goddess and Her Father (Ywn and… wait, is that…)


Finally, we reach the end:


The Knights Reborn Arc:

-The Great Rejection (Mainline for the time period)

-The Mountain and the Wizard (Nearly Everyone)

-The Accepted Verse (Nearly Everyone and Everything)


Yup, it’s going to be roughly 70-90 books (including novellas) based on how it all plays out: hope you’re emotionally prepared. I’m going to do my best to provide an accurate estimate, but some series may require more (i.e. Courts Divided) or less (i.e. The Verdant Banner) to complete the required narrative and still touch on everything we want to. This won’t be the only books in the Holy Verses Series either, so keep that in mind that there might be more that take place in the great big Omniverse, but don’t really have anything to do with the advancement of the “BAP,” or big audacious plot. The short stories are not placed here either, so do your best to figure out where in the timeline they fit in. I’m always available to talk over email at if you get lost, so don’t hesitate – promise I’ll do all I can to finish before I die tragically in some way.

One more housekeeping note, while the vast majority of the books take place in the Holyverse, there are a few exceptions that are connected, but entirely trivial to the plot. Don’t go reading Halloween Knight and expect any massive revelations about Chaos’ identity or anything like that, please!

If you’re looking for more in the meantime, you can also find the old links below, especially if you’re looking for fiction not on amazon:

You can check out my Royal Road fiction page for some less known, more experiemental, or just half-finished stuff. Some of it is pretty weird – gotcha!


My Links for those who are not the biggest fans of amazon.

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