Crackling with an Ambition that Rivals All Competitors, Surely it will be The Analyst that Strikes Bravely into The Night and Seizes Victory with a Mountain-Solid Grip

Hail, traveler, and good tidings to you!

As always, we’ll start with some nice music:

I’ve been a big KOKIA binge recently. She’s amazing at conjuring those rare emotions you just don’t find often in modern music.

Let’s get into the monthly wonderment, yes?

Short Stories of the Month:

That’s right! We have two this month! We’re going crazy out here with these shorts! Someone get Shorts Minion out here for high fives!

Our first enlightened piece of fiction is this year’s SPOOKY HALLOWEEN THING.

Skeleton GIF discovered by amyjames on We Heart It

It looks like Maniac Minion is back at it with another far-flung scheme, and Chaos needs to borrow a suit of armor for it – what the hoot could they be planning this time!?

Here’s All Hell-Ow’s! Eve VENGEANCE for your reading pleasure!

Our second excellent offering is your usual programming – Part four of Dirty, Rotten Thievery!

In this one the legendary heads of The Librarium and Eternum meet to discuss a certain someone, and Chaos has a grand time at the annual Towerne cookout!

You can read part four of this epic “short” by clicking here.

The Scar is coming next month?! –

Yeah, really!

I’ll be honest. Out of all the novels I’ve released, this one has me the most nervous.

Knight Law’s full foray as the main character of sorts is going to be a violent struggle, reflecting the exceptionally long writing-life of this project.

How long?

About five years.

It’s seen many forms, multiple platforms, many changes, and is now arriving at a destination of both pride and horror for me. I told the right story that reflects the characters in an honest light, I think, but I know some people will absolutely hate it – this one isn’t for everyone, and displays a side of Aerna far removed from the cutesy fairy-folk and mischievous minionry.

I’m not going to lie, it gets pretty dark in a few places, much more so than my usual offerings, so be warned.

If you feel ready to descend into the madness of The Scar contested zone, you can pre-order the book in preparation for November 20th by clicking here.

Cool book of The Month – How We Change: (And Ten Reasons Why We Don’t)

How We Change: (And Ten Reasons Why We Don't) by [Nathan  Agin]

An exceptional read in the practical psychology field, How We Change by Dr. Ross Ellenhorn is an in-depth yet shockingly-easy to read look into the process of human change.

Pulling from a long and successful career as a behavioral therapist, Ellenhorn reveals a smart framework for understanding why we do what we do when we resolve to change, and then either succeed or fail.

I can’t recommend this one enough to anyone interested in improving their habits (which I certainly hope includes you!). It’s a new book, but I can feel it becoming a classic on the topic.

The Make a Minion(TM) Contest!

Wh- a contest?!

You bet your analytical butt, a contest!

I figured it’d be a fun thing to do!

Here’s the details.

From October 15th to November 1st, send me an email at with your idea for a new member of the minionry that would make Towerne life more efficient, exciting, or just more “Chaosish”. Honestly you could make their job something totally inane, like Yells At the Color Green Minion, who is totally real, so don’t use him – he’s just too busy screaming in Garden Tower to go out much.

You can pick any theme for your minion that you want, but do be sure to explain why Chaos gave them the job in the first place – that’s important!

Winner will receive my heartfelt public (internet) admiration, and if it’s a U.S. or Canada victor they will also get a box of signed books and other small goodies to help you in advertising the power of The High Overlord wherever you go – or just your fridge, whatever; I’m not the boss of you.

Again, send me your idea for a minion (you can even include a sketch to help flesh out the concept) and immortalize your little jerk into literary history forevermore! You can either email me at, or post in our cool Facebook group at

Okay? Good to go?

Okay – good luck and Wizard-Guide!

Projected Release Timeline – October 2020:


Monthly Short Stories – Ongoing

The Scar - High Resolution

The Scar: A Novel of War – November 20th

Occult Vengeance_v1a

Occult Vengeance: Soot Knight #1 – Dec 10th (But probably slightly late – 75% off preorder special!)

Bloodkeep eCover(1)

Bloodkeep: The Courts Divided #3 – January 20th

Mystic Vengeance_v4

Mystic Vengeance: Soot Knight #2 – May 20th

I have other neat surprises coming as well. I hope you’re looking forward to them.

Hey, you’re doing okay, right?

I know the world’s been crazy recently, but I’m always here if you want to talk. Whether it’s violence, politics, the end of the world, or some other dark topic, you don’t need to go through that alone – just let me know, and I’ll be happy to be there when you need me.

Perhaps that’s a promise I won’t be able to keep forever, but for now I can oblige. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone else is simply existing in their proximity – life can get lonely sometimes, you know? Don’t be a stranger.

Anyway, here’s til next time. Battle onward and grow pleasant things whenever you get the chance to spread decency.

All the Best,

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