Dimensionomancy Infrastructure Minion

Name: Zine Ferragatzi

Head Title: Dimensionomancy Infrastructure Minion

Relevant Faction(s): Towerne Overlordship (Big Cheese – Science Tower)

Race/State: Ultragram Decadia 5k/Infusiac

Age: It’s rather complicated

Height: 127 cm with antennae

Weight: 198 kg

Original series: The Courts Divided

Primary Magics and Abilities: Arguably considered both the most knowledgeable and the most intelligent of Chaos’ Minionry, Dimensionomancy Infrastructure Minion finds himself as a resourceful sort who can quickly and accurately find means to his ends. While his actual capacity for magic is practically nonexistent, his abilities in combat are notable in that his reaction times are significantly better than even a typical etheriae being.

Personality and Life: It had long been a question in the minds among the minionry if Chaos could only infest things that were alive to make them do his bidding. Of course, he would act as though the answer were already just out of his reach, and it probably was, but not everyone bought the act.

It wasn’t until Chaos brought Dimensionomancy Infrastructure Minion around that this old question began popping up again in conversations around Towerne.

Of course, it’s hard to blame them, as Dimensionomancy Infrastructure Minion did, in fact, introduce himself as a machine, ever with a smile and those cool, smart-looking glasses.

His claim is that he was recovered as a piece of A.I. hardware while the High Overlord was out space jumping. H.O.C. had apparently come across a derelict O.E.L. vessel, which had been drifting with no action for nearly six hundred years. Due to any number of misinterpretations within Chaos’ mind, he somehow translated this situation to mean that the A.I. was in fact a young prince in sore need of rescue. Chaos extracted the A.I., despite its several attempts at killing him using the various subsystems of the ship. Chaos kept on until victory, assuming these attempts at his life to be the result of a severe mental injury of the distressed prince.

Chaos focused his essence into the motherboard’s chipset…

The ether clung to the processor… and it stayed there.

Somewhere down the eras, the A.I. had reached sentience to a degree that allowed it to think original thoughts much like a living being could, even to the point that Chaos’ ether, a wholly magical expression of his will, recognized that sentience to be truly alive.

Questionable philosophical implications aside, everyone across The Towers is quite happy to have him around. While all minions have their intellectual capacity increased a great deal by the power of Chaos’ infesting ether, Dimensionomancy Infrastructure Minion’s already exceptionally fast mind was pushed to levels bordering only upon the High Overlord’s own. Jealousy Minion demands that it doesn’t count because he’s not technically alive by the common definition, but nobody listens to Jealousy Minion unless they do that with everyone.

Having created a persona for himself as the dashing code designer Zine Ferragatzi, Dimensionomancy Infrastructure Minion has adjusted quickly to his life as a being that is at least measurably alive under the Overlord’s service. He’s a congenial sort, very easy to be around, and always the sort to have interesting insights on current Towerne issues. Of course, his ability to navigate moral quandaries can sometimes be lacking, considering he doesn’t quite acknowledge other minion’s feelings as genuine constructs worth protecting when he’s really pushed to answer – but he wants to acknowledge them, so everyone lets him off easy because at least he’s trying, right?

These days he enjoys a privileged position among the Minionry as the head of Extraverse Research and the head minion of Science Tower, where most of the Overlordship’s most ambitious and far-reaching projects are spearheaded.

Hobbies and Interests:

-Animation and cartoons

-Literature and novels

-Any STEM-related subject


-Food, of which he spends countless hours attempting to understand how to properly appreciate

-He’s takes a passive interest in almost everything “life” related in general- he’s on the extraverse net all the time doing research when he’s not working. (Just prepare yourself if you ever go through his browser history)

Notable Relationships:

-An exceptionally trusting, almost dogmatic loyalty to High Overlord Chaos, seeing him as his de-facto “creator”

-A smooth and low-key admiration of Software Minion, who just “gets” him

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