Scout Minion

Name: Hain’

Head Title: Scout Minion

Other Titles: Big Daddy’s Top Gal, Teeth of Towerne, Checkered Doom, Loser-Ass No-Life Game-Addict Dumb Idiot Minion – (Bestowed by Operator Prime Minion when she kicked his ass at poker that one game night)

Relevant Faction(s): Towerne Overlordship (No Official Rank)

Race/State: Higher Dragon-Kin/Infusiac

Age: Unknown

Height: .8 meters

Weight: Unknown (she hits anyone who asks that)

Original series: The Courts Divided

Primary Magics and Abilities: A preeminently-skilled and naturally-gifted fighter, Scout Minion finds herself at the top of most Towerne mission tryout tournaments. Against her fellow minions she’s a force to be reckoned with, mostly because her hobbies include fitness and arms practice, wheras most other minions prefer things like… tacos, or reading books, or sleeping – mostly things that aren’t very robust, you understand. Against non-etherbound opponents, however, her true abilities shine.

Using a high speed, heavy weight fighting style she adapted from watching her overlord train, Scout Minion is able to direct comparatively gigantic amounts of force by accelerating herself into her target and striking with an exceptionally-small surface area. This allows her to deliver overlord-class physical blows at a speed approaching the High Overlord himself. Her approach to direct combat has not only won her several duels among the Minionry, but also against proper overlords, arch-mages, heroes, and other “hard” sorts.

Personality and Life: Born sometime past the end of the Extermination Wars, the young hatchling of the Hain’ clan was born on the reservation near the Western tip of Spirakander. She had not yet completed her coming of age trial, and as such had not received the second part of her name.

Only twenty when infused by Chaos, she and her hunting group were overtaken by members of the Red Banner Knights, an extremist offshoot mostly comprised of Ragnivanian and Spirakandrian ex-military whose goal was to ensure a racially-pure Aerna. Four of her clan mates were killed outright upon their capture, and she along with her brother were being steadily hung from a tree by their necks. Her windpipe collapsed, and she was close to death the moment Chaos showed up asking to borrow a cup of sugar out in the wilderness. He had been wandering aimlessly for days, completely forgetting who he was, other than the fact that someone at home (Cooking Minion back at Towerne) had requested him to get a cup of sugar for a cake.

The humor in this is that Cooking Minion did not in any way ask the High Overlord for a cup of sugar, and instead simply used the word “cup” and “sugar” in the same sentence several weeks before this event.

That said; seeing this violent display miles off, Chaos recalled the grim state of mankind, asked them for a cup of sugar, and seeing that they didn’t have any, killed every human there. Chaos then locked onto the two surviving dragon-kin remaining, noticed their poor state, and infused them to become his minions.

He saved their lives in such a profoundly unlikely way, and he was such an alien figure to her, that she could not help but idolize him as a true warrior. As is the typical in kin reservations, her true father was unknown, owning to the notably loose mating culture of the peoples. In light of this, she began to consider him as her one true “father figure”.

Her clan brother, also an unnamed hatchling, was titled to be “Tracking Minion”, and as Chaos would say, “for the sake of neatness”, she was titled “Scout Minion”. This was in fact well suited to their abilities as hatchlings from the Hain reservation, as they had no agriculture to speak of past domesticated animals.

Scout Minion’s new body was minuscule in comparison to her old one, at barely half the size, but that didn’t stop her personality from making up the difference. In her first years in Towerne she was considered to be awe-strikingly standoffish, competitive, and gregarious, often challenging other minions to fights simply for looking at her.

It took her decades and a few choice experiences with her fellow minions before she actually began to see them as anything close to equals, rather than a lazy, weak mass of losers that she figured Chaos kept around for comedic relief.

Her personality is still considered abrasive by most of the Minionry, but at least she has friends other than her clan brother.

Hobbies and Interests:

-Martial Arts and “theory crafting” new fighting styles

-Physical Fitness

-Videogames, particularly fighting games, farming games, and any strategy game that deals with heavy economic elements

-Ballroom Dancing, but she would probably kill you if you knew about that

Notable Relationships:

-A surrogate father in High Overlord Chaos, or as she calls him: Poppi

-A minor (but not so minor) crush on Cooking Minion, as well as many an other fellow who might dare to ignore her antics

-Good friends with Magic Minion, who appreciates Scout’s upfront attitude

-Major disgust for Knight Order, and takes it upon herself to send her hate mail under different pseudonyms to make sure it’s clear how much she sucks

Important Notes:

-A pure heart, shockingly innocent

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