Effie Lassifrey

Name: Effie Lassifrey

Head Title: Part of “The Crater”

Relevant Faction(s): Redglade (Starshone Stellar Estate Royalty)

Race/State: Fairy/Unaltered

Age: 23

Height: 13cm

Weight: 0.4 kg

Original series: Soot Knight

Primary Magics and Abilities:

Born under the exceptionally unlucky star Vasalgaar on a blind moon, Effie’s innate magic could be most considerately described as “relaxed” in comparison to other fairies. While most Greatwood fairies can enact great and immediate effects with their born magic, immediately opening the floodgates of their power with next to no effort, Effie’s is closer to moving a boulder to let a trickling stream peep out for a second or two. Drop by drop, and only with consistent practice is she able to call forth her spark, a simple, weak magic, but one that has no limit in its potential applications. Someone born with this magic, being incapable of using any other kind, would have to develop a keen, resourceful mind in order to survive, and that is, arguably, her greatest trait. Even so, her true magic is a bit more nuanced than the typical fireballs and mushrooms so common of fae magic, and has yet to be revealed even to her.

Personality and Life:

Despite being born a princess in the forest’s capitol of Redglade, Miss Lassifrey’s problems manifested well before her coming-of-age event at the Startree Gauntlet. Being born on the night that the highest star was none other than Vasalgaar, the invisible, she was born in what is often perceived in fairy society as a freak accident. Comparatively this is reasonable for their culture, considering the rarity (a Vasalgaar birth usually only happens out of every twelve thousand fairies born) and the intensity (a new-moon phase being the least likely to produce a strong magical tendency in its births), Effie was delivered into this world and immediately reviled by any fairy that proudly upholds their race as the strongest and most magically powerful of all that exist.

Considering all Greatwood fairies believe this, Effie’s reception among her fellow fairies has been lukewarm at best, and openly hostile at the worst. Her childhood was fraught with gang beatings and attempts to trick her into the path of some hideous carnivore that the other fairies knew she would struggle to protect herself against. Life’s not so easy when you’re small and almost without magic.

It’s fortunate then that her parents are in fact the prestigious Yarn and Aami Lassifrey, who are both permanently-seated members of the Central Lights, the highest station of decision-making in all of the Greatwood. Between their (rightfully) obsessive supervision and the constant attempts to either maim or kill her among her peers, Effie grew up to have a poor view of fae in general, particularly her fellow fairies, seeing them all as controlling, insecure savages incapable of humoring someone seen as weaker in their community.

This sense superiority began to manifest into a desire to rule – she would show them how to be proper fairies. With the political aid from her parents, she easily secured a spot for the incoming Startree Gauntlet, a barbaric tradition of magic competition among of-age fairies: As many as five hopefuls enter a wolf spider den at the roots of their most hallowed ground. The few that emerge from the other end of the sacred tree are considered ripe for selection into the Central Lights, whereas those that do not are never to be spoken of in public again – after all, what true fairy wouldn’t be able to survive the Gauntlet?

Her moment in the Startree was fast approaching, and increasingly came the talk among the assorted societies and cliques of Redglade if she would, in fact, survive.

One particularly sour sort to her, councilor O’landi of the city’s circular security, recognized a political opportunity to wrest power for himself in the seats of the Central Lights in the Estate. As per fairy law, a proper fairy must have an offspring that is, themselves, a proper fairy. O’landi sent an agent fairy, his son Lida, to wait near the exit and kill her at the opportune moment. During the trial, Lida found himself attacked by the breadth of the spider nest, nearly costing him his life. The only close enough to help? Effie.

Swayed by her selfless deed, he revealed the plot to Effie. She thought immediately to confront O’landi, but Lida warned against it, saying that she would need a champion to defeat him if there’s to be a duel. Recognizing the wisdom of the boy’s words, Effie started out from the woods, completing the trial, but deciding not to return to Redglade in fear for her life. Her search begins for someone strong enough to back her up in a duel…

Hobbies and Interests:

-Non-fairy culture, particularly those of other lands

-Drinking, partying, and other forms of loose buffoonery

Notable Relationships:

-A budding relationship of mutual trust with a certain swamp monk

-An broadly-ridden disgust toward a certain Fairy-Council diplomat

Important Notes:

-The spirit to Mort’s body. As long as she feels, he will as well.

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