December! It’s uh… time to be warm inside and open presents!

As a person, Winter is a special time for me. Everything’s cold and quiet, and you really get to just appreciate the cleanest, basest forms of the world. Thanks to the holidays you really get to just sit there and think about that which is most important, without all the hustle and bustle of work, bugs, birds, and all that foolishness.

Anyway, music:

The good old C&I are an American Classic TM choice when it comes to holiday sounds. Not only do they tell stories about the holiday season (Christmas-related primarily) but it’s also some of the finest renditions of older pieces that we have. It’s interesting, how much art and history we lose when we don’t have people actively working to preserve them – some things, done for the first time, that are forgotten and left to be rediscovered by another artist decades, or even centuries later.

Anyway, It’s grand to see you here, reading this. From my side of the page it always looks really different, so let’s hope we’re both having a good day by the time you’re reading these words.

What I’ve been up to:

Honestly not too much out of the ordinary.

“Xforce’s” first book has been a go by the publisher (which I can now say is the eccentrically named Netherland-based publisher ButterDragons) and they’re handling the manuscript now. For those of you who are my really really long time readers, you’ll remember this series as a wild, highly satirical romp through Subspace, the dire remnants of the glorious Subaran continent after The Observation. It’s a bit neat going back to this and finally getting them professionally published, because there is a lot of subtext that assists the other books.

Courts Divided, Nocturna League, and more all become richer with this page of the coloring book filled out, so I hope you’ll enjoy when they’ve been shined up enough for release. Expect to see the first one out some time next year.

Everything other than that has been pretty slow. I’ve been working on emails for more minion-magic, and have built up a team of illustrators that bring a huge amount of life to the newsletter, as well as lots of other smaller projects – right now we could see just about anything pop out as far as new media is concerned – a youtube channel, collaborative series, and even a small game or two could be on the horizon.

As I usually tell you – look forward to good and big things in the future. The future of stocks, Twitter, and the fate of the Earth may ebb and flow, but you can count on me to survive and fight on, “just one more book” at a time.

Some art from the month (the stuff I can share, anyway):

From left top to bottom right:

-Chaos by K.ihhoki

-Order (??) by RacoonLarry

-Delivery Minion by Nozkill

-Order by NekoYinu

(Want to add your own? email me at



It’s the close to another year of changing times…

And yet, despite everything that’s happened on the world stage, everything is still exactly the same.

Humans will continue to do precisely what we have always done, struggle between our wants and our beliefs, and then crudely color in all the gaps until we’re willing to accept our mistakes.

I won’t worry too much though. Everything’s as expected.

Hope to write you again soon,


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